How to Use a Hotstar VPN for Global Access

How to Use a Hotstar VPN for Global Access

Wondering where to catch up on IPL match streams or your favourite marvel release? Disney+ Hotstar offers it all! However, accessing Hotstar’s extensive global library can be quite a hassle, thanks to geo-restrictions.

While Hotstar comes under Disney+ now, it’s restricted to only Indian users. It offers an extensive catalogue of Hindi and international releases. To be precise, it offers over 2,000 movies and shows, making it every streaming enthusiast’s favourite. Meanwhile, not every VPN can bypass geo-restrictions, either. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the reasons behind Hotstar’s geo-limitations, explore how a Hotstar VPN can provide global access to its content, share valuable tips for maximising your VPN experience with Hotstar, and conclude with some final thoughts.

Why Hotstar Is Geo-Limited to India

All content that Hotstar features is only due to the licence agreements. And, to abide by these licences, the streaming platform imposes geo-restrictions. 

Like many streaming services, Hotstar secures rights to its content on a regional basis. Explaining this, Hotstar’s catalogue includes:

  • Movies 
  • Shows 
  • Sports

These restrictions are in place only to comply with licensing agreements and protect the interests of content creators and distributors. As a result, users outside of India find the streaming service inaccessible when trying to access Hotstar’s content.

How to Use a Hotstar VPN for Global Access:

Here’s what can help you hop Disney+ Hotstar’s geo-restrictions: a VPN for Hotstar. Using a VPN for Hotstar, you get to leverage a masked location and trick Hotstar into believing that you’re accessing the platform from within India. 

Here’s how to use a VPN for Hotstar for global access:

1. Subscribe to a Hotstar VPN

As mentioned before, not every VPN bypasses geo-limitation. Instead, you must only use a premium option that paves the way for restricted services, too. And you can only pick the best VPN for Hotstar by reviewing a VPN’s features. For example, ensure that the VPN offers DNS leak protection, an Internet killswitch, and other robust encryption protocols. Along with that, check the VPN’s server locations, specifically the Indian servers.

2. Install the VPN App on Your Device

After subscribing to the VPN, download the VPN on your device. Generally, the best VPN apps for Android and iOS can be installed directly from the VPN’s page. Along with that, the premium VPNs normally offer their apps for other devices too. This includes Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and many others. 

Following that, go with the setup instructions provided by the VPN provider to configure the software according to your preferences.

3. Connect to an Indian Server

Logging into the app, the homepage will feature a list of different servers that you can connect to. Mostly, a reliable VPN will also feature the fastest server for optimal speed, depending on your original location.

Additionally, you should see a separate search bar as well, via that you can find the Indian server and connect to it. 

4. Access Hotstar

After connecting to an Indian server, you can head to Hotstar’s website or the app. And, due to the server connection, accessing Hotstar should be a breeze. But here’s how that works. 

When you connect to the VPN, you get a new IP address, such as an Indian IP. 

Meanwhile, the VPN conceals browsing data by rerouting your data through an encrypted tunnel. If you’re using a reliable VPN, you should expect it to employ AES 256-bit encryption too for guaranteed data protection.

Tips to Remember When Using a VPN for Hotstar

While a VPN for Hotstar can provide global access to the platform’s content, there are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth streaming experience:

1. Choose a VPN with Dedicated Streaming Servers

Opt for a VPN provider that offers dedicated servers optimised for streaming. These servers are designed to deliver fast and reliable connections. All while minimising buffering and lag during playback.

2. Select a VPN with Strong Encryption

Prioritise the best VPN apps for Android, iOS and other OS that employ robust encryption protocols to protect your data and ensure privacy while streaming on Hotstar. As mentioned before, you should be more inclined towards options that offer top protocols. This includes IPv6, OpenVPN and various others.

3. Test Different Server Locations

Experiment with connecting to different server locations within India to find the one that offers the best performance for streaming on Hotstar. All VPNs generally come with different servers within the same region, and if one doesn’t work, it’s best to switch to another.

4. Clear Your Browser Cache and Cookies

If you encounter any issues while accessing Hotstar with a VPN. Cleaning your browser cache and cookies is best to refresh your connection. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Navigate to the menu button (displayed as three dots).
  • Choose More Tools from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Specify a time range for the data you want to clear.
  • Check the boxes right beside Cookies and other site data
  • Check out the box for Cached images and files.
  • Finally, click on Clear Data to complete the process.

Final Note

In conclusion, a reliable Hotstar VPN enables you to access the streaming platform without letting the geo-restrictions limit your streaming experience. On the other hand, it’s not only these geographic limitations but also your digital privacy that the best VPN apps for Android or other OS offer. 

We recommend you to only get the best VPNs for an enhanced Hotstar streaming outside India. Following that you must use the recommended tips mentioned in this article for optimising your VPN experience with Hotstar. Hence, by only using the best VPN apps for Android and iOS, you can easily leverage an ultimate streaming experience without letting the geo-blocks get in your way.