How to Delete Duplicate JPG Files from PC? 3 Ways

How to Delete Duplicate JPG Files on PC

Outline: Taking lots of pictures is a breeze nowadays with our phones. Yet, these snaps clutter your computer with doubles. To clear this mess, check out “How to Delete Duplicate JPG files on PC (Windows & MacOS).”

Managing your pictures matters, whether you’re a pro or a casual clicker. That’s why we made this guide—to free up space without losing memories. Learn why tidying your media files in Windows is vital. Briefly, we’ll cover manual (Free) and Expert (Quick and Reliable) solutions.

Besides the JPG files, if you want to delete other image files. Then, follow the guide on “How to delete duplicate photos on PC?”

Why Remove Duplicate JPG Files from Win 11/10/8/7?

From the following, we will learn about the main reasons to erase identical pictures:

Optimize Storage: Duplicates hogging your PC? Free up space for better performance.

Speed Boost – A decluttered and organized photo library means a faster and smoother user experience.

Effortless Organization: Deleting identical photos makes finding favorites a breeze.

Avoid Confusion: Hoarding duplicates leads to chaos, hindering timely photo sharing.

Cut Redundancy: Deleting similar images streamlines storage, enhancing data efficiency.

Method #1: How to Find and Remove Duplicate JPG Documents using Windows File Explorer

Effortlessly locate and remove duplicate images on Windows 11/10/8/7 using this free method. However, be mindful that while File Explorer, an integral part of the Windows operating system, offers a convenient solution, it might not be the ideal fix for decluttering concerns.

  • Open Windows File Explorer and go to the folder with duplicate JPG files.
  • Click “View” in the toolbar.
  • Open “Options” and select the “View” tab.
  • In “Advanced settings,” check “Show duplicate items.”
  • Click “OK” to apply changes.
  • Duplicate JPG files will appear in the folder.
  • Choose duplicates to delete, then press “Delete” on your keyboard.

Method #2: How to Remove Duplicate JPG Files through the Windows Search

This solution is one of the basic and most used. Moreover, this section consists of a manual identifying and erasing the identicals based on their name and file extension. Here are the steps. 

  • Open Windows Search.
  • Type “jpg” in the search bar.
  • Click on the “Files” tab to view duplicate JPG files.
  • Select duplicates for deletion.
  • Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.

Technical Method #3: How to Detect and Eliminate Duplicate JPG Files via CMD

CMD stands for Command Prompt, a powerful tool in Windows. It facilitates user-computer interaction through text-based commands. Moreover, it operates efficiently for a seamless computing experience.

Step 1: Initiate by pressing “Windows + R” to open the Run dialog box. Then, type “cmd” and click “OK.”

Step 2: Navigate to your photo folder using “cd” and “dir” commands.

Step 3: Enter “dir /s /b *.name” in the command line. Replace “.name” with the desired extension (e.g., “.jpg”). Press Enter to start scanning.

Step 4: Once the scan completes, the results will appear on the screen.

Step 5: To remove duplicates, input: del /s /f *.duplicate. This erases duplicate files in the searched directory and subdirectories.

Challenges in the Free Solutions to Eliminate Similar JPG Pictures

  • Manual identification and cleaning of duplicate photos on Windows is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • Careless management may lead to the deletion of non-duplicate images, causing data loss.
  • Less effective for large photo libraries.
  • Manual techniques may miss subtle variations in images.
  • Requires technical skills for proper code operation.
  • Lack of automation in manual processes results in unnecessary time and energy consumption.

Typical Tech #4: How to Delete Duplicate JPG Files on Computer Using Profound Tool

Undoubtedly, the manual or free method is considered the best, but it’s not entirely reliable and may accidentally delete original files. Therefore, opting for the SysTools duplicate file finder tool stands out as a reliable option. This tool excels in detecting and removing identical images. Moreover, it effortlessly organizes disorderly files. Noteworthy features include a robust scanning engine, support for multiple file types, a recursive scanning mode, and more.

  • Proficient and sophisticated scanning engine
  • Recursive (in-depth) scanning option
  • Supports multiple file extensions: CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, PG/JPEG, TIFF/TIF, ICO, PS, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, SWF, SVG, PAT, X3F, etc.
  • Move or delete duplicate photos with ease
  • Visual detection of similar pictures
  • Preview photos before deletion
  • Compatible with external storage devices like Pendrive, MicroSD, etc.

Noteworthy Steps to Delete Duplicate JPG Images on PC

Step 1. Download and open Duplicate Finder & Remover software.

Step 2. Select the folder by clicking on Add Folder.

Step 3. Configure scan settings based on your preferences.

Step 4. Delete duplicate images by clicking on the Delete option.

Step 5. Confirm completion when Action shows “Deleted.”

Manual Vs. Automated Solution – Which Way is Better to Remove Duplicate Pictures?

To better analyze the distinction between the two approaches: Manual (Free) and Automated (Professional) way, we have prepared a comparison table: 

CriteriaManual SolutionAutomated Solution
User InvolvementHigh involvement; user manually identifies duplicates, compares, and deletes.Low involvement; software automatically scans and identifies duplicates. User confirms and deletes.
Time ConsumptionTime-consuming, especially for large image collections.Time-efficient, as the software can quickly scan and identify duplicates.
AccuracyDependent on user’s attention to detail; may miss duplicates.Relatively high accuracy; software uses algorithms to identify exact or similar duplicates.
ScalabilityTedious for large image libraries; may not be practical.Efficient for large collections; designed to handle vast amounts of data.
Risk of ErrorsHigher risk of accidental deletion or overlooking duplicates.Lower risk, as automated tools use algorithms to minimize errors.
Ease of UseMay require significant effort and patience.Generally user-friendly; often comes with intuitive interfaces for easy navigation.
Customization OptionsLimited customization; relies on user manual efforts.Offers customization options such as criteria for similarity, file types, and more.
Resource UtilizationRelies on user’s time and attention.Utilizes computer resources; may slow down the system during scanning.
ConsistencyDependent on the user’s consistency in identifying and deleting duplicates.Consistent in its application of predefined algorithms, reducing the chance of oversight.
CostCost is in terms of the user’s time and effort.May involve a cost if using premium or specialized software.
VersatilityLimited in handling large-scale duplicate deletion.Versatile; can handle a variety of duplicate scenarios, including similar images.

Final Takeaway

In this guide, we explore tackling duplicate JPG files on PC – Windows 11/10/8/7. We reveal manual solutions to clear identical pictures. However, these methods have limitations. Hence, we introduce the pro method as a solution. After reading, opt for the best way to tidy up your clutter.

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